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Providing Access to High Risk-Adjusted Returns through the Financing of Mass Tort Litigation
Against Negligent Pharmaceutical and Medical Firms

Litigation Finance Overview

We provide financing and operational support to the industry’s leading mass tort law firms. We will finance law firms that it believes pursue predatory and negligent large corporations.

Mass tort litigation finance has historically been an attractive asset class for investors, however, it has generally been only accessible to hedge fund and institutional investors. We are one of the first funds in the nation to democratize access to this asset class through the careful selection of mass tort law firms and the creation of portfolios of mass-tort loans at various stages of litigation from emerging cases, posts-expert-witness dockets, to post-bellwether dockets. The asset stages are segregated for risk and duration into different families of fund-offerings that we offer.


Our superior selection process allows us to provide our investors access to non-correlated, secured note investments, which offer attractive, risk-adjusted return.

Our Advantage

Our access and utilization of high-quality mass tort market data is one of the keys to our success. This valuable data is made possible through a combination of deep market analysis, and our partnership with the nation’s largest case-acquisition firm. Having this vital mass tort market data is essential to optimizing returns for our investors. The collected real-time data allows us to track and manage cases at all stages of settlement. We only lends against dockets that are litigated by the most respected litigation firms, or their co- counsel law firms.

Our principals are unlike hedge funds and institutions, who are typically the traditional issuers of offerings like ours. Our principals are experienced financial professionals and lawyers, who have had decades of experience managing litigators and litigation process. This experience makes our principals and our management team uniquely capable of selecting the best performing mass tort litigation firms and the torts that have the potential of providing the highest returns.

We have access to the best mass tort cases, which allows our management team to create and manage debt offerings that are unsurpassed in the industry. The skill, capability and experience of our team enable us to provide our investors with these great offerings.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. These notes have not been rated.

Investment Opportunities

Our Litigation Finance is a family of funds with a $50 million offering over three funds. This family of funds provides investment opportunities with six different investments available across these three funds to accommodate investors with different investment preferences.

Top Tort- We select the top performing tort in the current market environment.

Top Firm- We are collaborating with the nations leading litigating firms to negotiate these settlements.

Diversified Tort- We select three or more of the top torts together.

Rising Star Program- We select emerging litigators with demonstrated success in settlement of MDL cases.

Rising Star Program

We recognize and support the many talented multi- district litigators (MDL) that are up-and-coming and have demonstrated the ability to achieve attractive settlements for clients in mass-tort cases. Our Rising Star Program provides these successful litigators access to more top tort Plaintiffs while allowing investors to achieve higher Coupon rates if they select this program.

Introducing a Late-Stage Mass Tort Docket

We are pleased to announce the launch of a $50M secured notes for this family of funds that are timely and financially attractive post-bellwether mass-torts. Through this offering, we will raise capital in the form of secured notes from accredited investors, family offices, and institutions.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. These notes have not been rated.

Interested in Litigation Finance Investing?

Thanks for submitting!

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